The big bang

How a joke can grow and become a serious company; BarrelQ is a perfect example of that. In 2013, TV-maker Onno Vos figured out that he wanted to do ‘something’ with oil barrels. ‘My father is active in the oil business and I encountered someone who turned oil barrels into barbecues. It seemed like a nice trade besides my TV work. I order a full truck and assembled it myself. In the first year I sold 250 pieces, the year after that 500, and the year after that I sold 5000 pieces.’


Onno started BarrelQ on his own but already in the first year, a willing investor presented himself. Huub Sparnaay saw an advertisement board of BarrelQ next to the highway and ordered a piece. He was so impressed after using the BarrelQ that he decided to send an email to Vos asking if he was looking for an investor. Sparnaay: ‘Then we decided to make a serious company out of it. I saw some points of improvements and had, besides the money, the required knowledge and skills to add value to the company.’ At that moment Gerben Bierbooms joined, whom Sparnaay already worked with in the past. Bierbooms: ‘I could add value on the online world and internationalization, that was the starting point’.

And now

The team is working hard towards the internationalization and the drive is clearly visible. We started in the Netherlands, but we now deliver to 25 countries. Eventually we want to sell the BarrelQ in 75 countries, even better; conquer the world. Our opportunities to reach that goal will eventually be online.


The BarrelQ is not only the coolest barbecue ever, but it also serves as fire pit and side table. So it actually has 3 functions, and the barrels can be customized as desired. Besides that, we also have the luck that people nowadays want an original barbecue in their backyard.


The end is not in sight. It all started as an extra income and with only one model in the Netherlands. Now we have 6 models, and the BarrelQ is being sold in 25 countries. The joke escalated completely. The BarrelQ is going to conquer the world!

BarrelQ product line 2017 850x350