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Scallop in shell with herbbutter.

Ingredients for one person:

½ tablespoon butter
Cut chives
½ tbs
Salt and pepper


Remove the mussel of the convex side of the shell (it stays attached to the other side of the shell) Remove the beard from the mussel (the slimey bits) and clean the shell. Mix the butter with the salt, pepper and herbs. Put the convex site of the shell on the hot barrelq and add a full spoon of the herbbutter. Put the flat part of the shell on it and close the Scallop. Leave it on the BarrelQ for 4 minutes. You can hear the butter fizz.

Serve it:

Use a tong to take the shell from the BarrelQ. (its hot!) and put it on a plate. Open the scallop and cut the mussel of the flat side of the shell…